The game led north

After many years struggling to make ends meet and stake out a claim in the upper Skagit Valley, I had all but given up hope on ever finding a job with the National Park Service. I resigned from North Cascades National Park and began applying for jobs and imagining our (my husband and my) life in another corner of this vast country.

It was then that I received a message on my answering machine for an interview for a permanent Education Specialist position at Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. A call from wild Alaska, a place I had only dreamed about living but never thought would become a reality. Call it akashic, or synchronistic, but a week later I was making plans and beginning a journey that would lead me here, to Glacier Bay, a place where change is the only constant.

In an effort to explore how I connect to place, I am starting this blog. I hope it will prove both cathartic and insightful as I begin a new life here in Alaska while simultaneously diving in full tilt into my dissertation work with Prescott College.

On y va!

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  1. Aloha! Just adding a brief little note in your guestbook to say good day from Saskatoon, which is way up here in Canada. I’m often impressed at the good quality of blog writing that I can find online by smacking the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option on Google! Well that’s just about everything I’ve got to say! Cheers again and good to ‘meet’ you 🙂

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