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Sustaining the Self and Beyond

The big 3-0

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There is not much that is big about me physically, apart from my hair, but I have been told that I have a big personality. With an upcoming 30th birthday, I am thinking that the hair and personality and likely here to stay.

Two days until 30. I imagine I should reflect or retrospect, but I live in my mind for the better part of every day and much of each night. I guess I am thankful for the choices I have made in my life, especially those I was deemed “crazy” or unreasonable for making because they have led me to the present moment, seated on a plane bound for Seattle, where I will meet with friend and family and live for the moment. After all, isn’t that what humans we were intended for?


Author: marieke

I am a writer, artist, musician, songwriter, editor, and yogi. I am a seeker and a wanderer. I love spending time learning about the wildness of human nature and the world around me.

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