A powerful draw for restless souls seeking a wild haven to reignite a primal fire long lost in our species.

One of the few remaining corners of the globe with vast tracts of relatively unspoiled wilderness.

A place where lost spirits are found.

I have been told by some that I went to Alaska to hide from the world, my marriage, and my problems. Others have rejoiced in the freedom of expression and sustainability of self I have achieved in the brief time I have lived there. At this moment in time, I feel lost between worlds, struggling to find a sense of belonging, a sense of home. While I miss my home, my cat, and my friends, I am fearful of the havoc another winter may wreak on my psyche and drawn to following a path where I can fully immerse myself in innovation, creative work in the realm of sustainability education.

So, yet again I find my path unclear. I am uncertain of where I belong in this world. I find refuge in the musical world, a place where I can create and give voice to these struggles and frustrations. In this realm, I find temporary respite from the pressures of adhering to cultural norms.


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