A fire was in my head

Savasana is not my favorite. So many of my fellow yogis express delight as they nestle onto their mat, fatigued from the practice and looking forward to a nourishing rest. My own inner squirrel cringes at the thought of lying still for any amount of time.   I recently attended my first yoga retreat ever... Continue Reading →


Let the universe drive

This past February, I threw fiscal caution to the wind and booked a flight and a spot in a yoga retreat on an island off the southwest coast of Ireland with a favorite Anusara teacher, Jaye Martin. I met Jaye at a weekend workshop at the Tree of life Yoga studio in Tervuren, Belgium, where... Continue Reading →

The bumpy road to love

Love at first sight may be the way many romances begin, but love truly taking hold and rooting down deep is the result of practice, dedication, and daily affirmations. Trust is not born overnight, particularly for those of us who carry the psychological burdens from previous relationships. Emotional baggage does not magically disappear if and... Continue Reading →


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