Free yourself from fear…the world and I will thank you

It has been many years since I have experienced outright bullying. I have been mistreated by those in a place of power over me, to be sure, but I recognize the difference between positive and negative intentions. In my job in Alaska, I knew that my direct supervisor and our division chief felt it their... Continue Reading →


I try to smile

There are things that simultaneously break my heart and fill me with inimitable fury.   For the past several days, each time I pull out of the side road near my home and onto the main road—which happens to be a small highway—I pass the remains of what was once a javelina. Were it not... Continue Reading →

Je ne sais rien

December 13, 2015 ~ Phoenix, Arizona I begin this piece from a hotel near the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Early the following morning, my new husband and I will rise in the dark to begin an only slightly belated honeymoon, thanks to the generous donation of miles and financial hugs from many friends and family. This will be my second honeymoon... Continue Reading →

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