Chickens live sometimes, too!

Just before leaving Arizona, I joined my sweetie on a short walk with his husky Blue. We followed the usual path, starting along the dirt road that leads from his house toward a field that lays open between two large, rocky outcroppings in the area of boulders around his home called the Granite Dells. As... Continue Reading →


Bonne année

“For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.” ~ T.S. Eliot Another year begins anew. I have been reading online posts of New Year’s resolutions. Thus far, my favorite is from a friend in France, who wrote: “En 2014, pour faire original, je prends des mauvaises résolutions.”... Continue Reading →

Enough-Shutdown Day 14

The longer the shutdown endures, the less inspired I am to come up with clever titles for these posts. I do, however, continue to be inspired to write. Today brought the same amount of angst-inspiring fodder—continued rant and threats from crazy ebay lady, increase of monthly mortgage payment, student loans looming on an ominous, financial... Continue Reading →

Experience Your America-Shutdown Day I

It is official. As of 12:01am last night, the government has shut itself down. Politicians I did and didn’t vote for, who are paid and shouldered with the responsibility of advocating for millions of Americans, let their constituents down. For some time now, my partner has beensending me a text every night when he goes... Continue Reading →

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