Tell your truth

“The most loving thing you can do is to tell your truth.” I have been trying for several weeks to incorporate far too much into each day in order to meet my own needs and those required of me by others. What I find is that I can barely breath by the end of the... Continue Reading →


Not just another white girl

Of late, my writing has been focused on Buddhism and the tenets of Yoga. I can imagine what might be going on in your head. Where is the storyteller? Where have they gone, the stories of wildness of Alaska, the factories of Lowell, and the desert of Arizona. Perhaps, these very words have run through your... Continue Reading →

Rejoice! You are already perfect just as you are

Yesterday, I wrote about a fellow who recently spoke at Prescott College. His name is Will Duncan, and his wisdom and words came at a pivotal moment for me in my writing and self-study. Do you ever feel like you become aware of something and suddenly notice it everywhere? Sometimes, pieces fall into place in this synchronous... Continue Reading →

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