(Ma Belle) Boitsfort to Boston

I woke up at 4am this morning. It was dark in our home in Boitsfort. I took a shower, got dressed, tucked a card beneath my husband’s pillow, drawing it back just enough so he would hopefully notice it peeking out. While I was in the shower, my dear husband had gotten up to make... Continue Reading →


It’s about the adventure

In my life after being a park ranger, I have become a kind of Renaissance woman, cobbling together a humble living as an editor, yoga instructor, and songwriter (the latter has been mostly pro bono since moving to Belgium). Editing tends to be slower in the summer, as the bulk of my work comes from... Continue Reading →

Je ne sais rien

December 13, 2015 ~ Phoenix, Arizona I begin this piece from a hotel near the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Early the following morning, my new husband and I will rise in the dark to begin an only slightly belated honeymoon, thanks to the generous donation of miles and financial hugs from many friends and family. This will be my second honeymoon... Continue Reading →


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